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Disaster Mapping Mission Statement

Hurricane IDA

This navigation channel will help direct you from CITY TO CITY to the Disaster Affected Area. You can report water over road ways, bridges out and closed roads etc. here.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, you can share your location via the SEND LOCATION function
Glympse app tag DM for additional shared live guidance.

We are using GaiaGPS for our mapping solution for active rescuers/resource providers coming to or from the affected area. Street level routing is on you.

We recommend the Waze app, Google maps and 511 website for general and local navigation.

Please include the "FROM" & "TO" with your request.

We recommend the GasBuddy app for gas station locations, status and pricing.

Disclaimer, we are all volunteers. This information is shared in good faith. You are responsible for what you do with the information. By participating you agree to hold all parties here in harmless.

Note: It's better be Clever or Funny

Thank you and be safe